Harris’s Journal

In this specific entry in Eric’s journal, he’s almost paranoid with society by how it runs its schools. He starts off by saying that “Its society’s way of turning all the young people into good little robots and factory workers” and then talks about the bell schedules and that the reason they learn this way is because this is how the real world works. Staples talks about this, with one of the main issues in schools being that one of the main priorities of teachers is to keep discipline in the classroom. Children are supposed to speak when called on, sit up straight, be attentive, and act like perfect little statues that absorb information. But that’s not how kids learn and an atmosphere that is like this loses the children that it is attempting to teach. This alienation between the students, the teachers, and the subject material lead to issues with the student in school and they become more susceptible to violence and acting out.

Eric Harris. SchoolShooters. Peter Langman Ph.D,. Website. Jan 11, 2015. https://schoolshooters.info/sites/default/files/harris_journal_1.3.pdf

Harris’s Journal

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