Steinem, Wise, and Pierson

From reading the report about Karl Pierson, I found that there were a couple things that supported both Steinem and Wise’s theories on school shootings.  The biggest thing I saw from reading Karl’s diaries was his superiority complex that Steinem talks about.  Karl is filled with a need to prove how superior he is to those around him in school by being “judge, jury, and executioner” (pg 29).  Steinem believes that the reason the majority of school shooters have been male is because they grew up believing that they had to prove that they are superior to others.  These shooters take it to the next level and act on their superiority complex in a violent way that obliterates the lives of the students around them.  Karl’s report also has facts that align with what Wise was saying about the small towns believing they are immune because they are quiet and nice.  The students that Karl went to school with couldn’t believe that he would do this because, all though he was violent, it was always verbally released.  Some also believed that it would be difficult to shoot up the school because how small the town was and that it would take less than four minutes for him to be completely stopped by police.  The students proved Wise correct in that they live in a bubble of denial that ignores the awkwardness of others and dismisses it for being a ‘nerd’ or just weird.

Eric and Karl are very similar in the way they thought of life.  Both of them were filled with hate (they both explicitly declare it in their writings) and they both had tempers.  Eric believed he was God and had this ridiculous superiority complex that rivals Karl’s.  Karl never explicitly said he was God, but he did want to be judge, jury, and executioner, which is basically the same thin.  It’s interesting to see the similarities between these two kids.  They’re from “quiet” communities, yet they both committed these atrocious crimes based on some inner belief that they could play God.  They both hated school because of being bullied and they lashed out because of it.  Reading about both of them almost makes it seem like there is a pattern to the kids that shoot up schools.

Steinem, Wise, and Pierson

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