Denver Post Editorial Board

Diction, Jargon, Word choice

  • The words are short and used to cut to the point.  Jargon is barely present, if at all, and the word choice is geared towards the audience, this being DU.  Though some words are more complicated than others, the audience is not lost in them.
  • “access and affordability”, “doesn’t have the cachet of open access”

Paragraph Length

  • The paragraphs are short and to the point.  Every now and then, the writer throws in a paragraph with only one sentence.
  • “Covering those costs often is a substantial hurdle for students, forcing them to work long hours at low-paying jobs while trying to get the education necessary to propel them into the middle class.”

Sentence Length

  • The sentence length is varied, but most of the sentences are long, compound sentences.  There are some sentences that are shorter, but there is specifically one sentence that looks as long as two or three of the writer’s sentences.
  • “It’s important to keep in mind that while Pell Grants, at a minimum of $5,730 per year, often are used for tuition, they can be used for other expenses, such as books, supplies, transportation, living expenses like room and board, and even dependent care for a student with dependents.”

Claim and Evidence

  • The op-ed does a good job of stating the claim in the beginning of the article.  “We agree with the goals of access and affordability, but believe there are better ways to get there.”
  • The evidence is very strong towards the claim, pulling in the use of Pell Grants and outside references

Hook, Push, Turn

  • The opening paragraph acts as the hook in this op-ed.  The idea of the first two years of community college tuition being free is something to grab the attention of the reader, specifically the readers in this college where we pay $50,000 a year to attend.
Denver Post Editorial Board

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