First Post

While reading Garbarino’s “The Epidemic of Youth Violence”, I saw a few different issues that he brought up that sparked my interest, the first being the mental disabilities.  The fact that ADD was pointed out was something that shocked me, just because family members have it, but I understood the background for it.  ADD causes one to lose focus and be disconnected.  Sometimes that disconnection with others can lead to frustration and in many boys, it can be transfered into violence.  Other mental disabilities like depression and even schizophrenia create the same kind of social disconnect and can lead to uncontrolled violence.

The second issue that I noticed was child abuse.  Child abuse is something that is still kept underwraps and out of the media.  We don’t know it’s happening unless we get recounts from people we know or experience it first hand.  The fact that child abuse and the potential for child abuse is rising is startling, and can be a reason why these shootings are increasing.  The psychological trauma of being abused repeatitively by anyone would be enough for a child to find drastic measures to be heard or escape from that reality.

The last issue that Garbarino brought up was surprising to me, as I had never heard of it.  The idea of Southern culture being linked to this violence is new to me and I find interesting since I’m from Texas.  I find it interesting that some of these shooters can be linked to Southern backgrounds and that those backgrounds can be tied into the Southern violence that followed and predated the Civil War.  The idea that “those who transgress against one’s honor or kin must be punished” is something that I’ve seen and dealt with as pride and family down South is something that is fought for.


First Post